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30th-Jul-2020 07:21 pm(no subject)
friends only

Most art posts will still be public.

I don't promise add-backs, but unless we know each other, I doubt you'd be missing anything anyway! However, do feel free to comment should you choose to friend me, and I'll think about it! Any of the following make for a more likely add-back:

  • We know each other.
  • We're in a community together and have corresponded.
  • We have something in common (art, we're comic book fans, like the same pairings, RP together, whatever).
  • I've seen you around and like what you do (art, writing, icons, RP, whatever).
  • You're a relatively friendly and drama-free person and will not share what I post with others (unless it's art).

Please do not take it personally if I do not friend you back.
max/sue ⇰ been a fool for lesser things
9th-Feb-2015 12:13 pm(no subject)
gabbie's inbox
Questions, concerns, concrit, comments about the game or myself? Need to talk to me in private about something? Please try and keep all concerns mod-related (game is capeandcowl). This post may also serve as a general anon HMD if you do have a concern about me directly. For simplicity's sake, here is my character list.
All comments screened, IP logging is off, MyGuests is off, anonymous is on. Feel free to also utilize my LJ inbox to send me a PM if you are comfortable with it not being anonymous.

mary jane ⇰ I tried to give you up
29th-Oct-2011 02:37 am(no subject)
Sorry for the bummer posts lately but -- got the new job!! I should start in two weeks(ish). I'M SO EXCITED TO LEAVE OMG. And then I got a delicious drink, am getting a new phone in the next week? and even finished a fic I've been working on for months aw yes. To temper things out I am making this an art post -- unfortunately not ALL my art since my last post because, wow, I'm terrible at keeping up, but my greatest hits? (But here's the stuff you might be missing. I'll be upfront -- if you're only watching me here for my art, save yourself the trouble and follow my tumblr because I'm much more reliable about posting art there!)

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1st-Aug-2011 12:50 pm(no subject)
Since I have SO MUCH to post I'm splitting it into two posts, this is the Comics Art post and the next post will be the Harry Potter post.

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mary jane ⇰ I tried to give you up
12th-Jul-2011 12:40 am(no subject)
As I mentioned on my tumblr, I've reopened commissions. I've only a couple more to do which I plan to bang out tomorrow and the day after, and really could use the extra financial stability since I have a lot of bills that I'm having trouble affording. So please, pass it along if you're so inclined. My prices are slightly higher than last time but I'm open to negotiating.

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